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John Ding
Master Ding Teah Chean (John Ding) has accumulated
vast experience and understanding of internal and
external Kung Fu systems through a lifelong study of
martial arts.

He trained at a young age under various Shaolin Kung
Fu Masters reaching a high level of skill before devoting
himself entirely to the internal system of martial arts.
He is one of the few people to have studied intensely
and successfully under all three formal disciples of the
late Great Grandmaster Yang Sau Chang: Chu King Hung
(3rd disciple), Chu Gin Soon (2nd disciple) and Ip Tai Tak (1st disciple).
Consequently he is one of the few teachers in the West who can demonstrate
the higher aspects of the art and internal energy (Chi).

On the first of January 1998 his long, deep and dedicated approach to the art
of Yang Style Tai Chi was rewarded when he was accepted as the first disciple
of Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak, making him a 6th Generation lineage holder of Yang
Style Tai Chi Chuan through Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak.

He has worked hard to build and expand his JDIATCC organisation, which now
has schools across Europe. Ever-popular as a Tai Chi teacher and a guide
through life, he has made numerous TV and stage show appearances and made
a number of popular VHS videos, DVDs and Books about Tai Chi. He is also the
editor and publisher of Tai Chi & Alternative Health magazine, an internationally
distributed quarterly which has been in print since 1994.

Prior to 1996, when he began to teach Tai Chi full-time, he enjoyed a successful
career in the U.K's Health and Social Services, rising to be a Senior Manager in
a Local Authority's department of Social Services. These experiences, combined
with his charismatic application of Tai Chi philosophy to everyday life, have given
him great insight into how to create an environment that allows people to heal,
grow and become independent and strong through Tai Chi practice.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Master Ding still trains hard and teaches
full-time, in-between leading training tours around China, residential Tai Chi
retreats, special courses, weekend sessions, seminars and workshops, bespoke
corporate work, private tutelage, spending quality time with his instructors and


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